Center Details

Safadi Agriculture Center

Safadi Agriculture Center

The center is based in Akkar and equipped with up-to-date facilities offering farmers the following services:

  • Washing, sorting, waxing, packaging and refrigerating services within the sorting and packaging unit
  • Pomegranate molasses and jam production through the pomegranate processing unit
  • Dried fruits and vegetables within the drying unit
  • Wax foundation and honey bottling and storage through Akkar apiculture center
  • A horticulture demo plot greenhouse introducing farmers to new technologies in order to improve the quantity and quality of their green house production.


Pomegranate and fruits processing unit

With a fund from the Australian Embassy, a pomegranate processing center was established in 2012 in Safadi Agriculture Center in Deir Dalloum Akkar. This center is equipped with automatic machines which serve all pomegranate farmers & molasses producers in North Lebanon especially in Akkar. Most of the machines are multipurpose, since they can be used in jam & molasses production in addition to tomato paste. The unit included a press machine, cooking machine, under vacuum cooker, detanization system, de-shelling machine and capping machine.

As these machines are multipurpose, they were used in jam production on a large scale due to the huge number of fruit farmers in Akkar.

Women are able to process either their fruits or their pomegranate in order to produce a high value end product that can be sold later in small stores near their house.

This initiative has very positive benefits, where women are able to play an active role in their communities. They are able to produce, sell and be self confident. 

Dried Fruits Unit

Funded by the European Union, fruits and vegetables drying unit was created in 2015 with a capacity of 350 to 500 kg per day. This unit is established to help farmers dry their products in order to add value as raw produce often have little economic value, especially after harvest. A kg of dried fruit can be worth 10 times more than a kg of raw fruit! By drying and processing their fruits growers add value to their product, allowing them to sell it at a higher price and earn greater profit. This unit allow Fruits, vegetables and oregano producers, easily dry their production, and provide the consumer a clean product of high quality, so they can increase their profits through drying their produce, and selling it out of season at high prices

Not only fruits, also vegetables could be dried such as onions, sweet pepper and other products. This machine is used also to dry oregano and help Oregano producers to have product with high quality as the traditional way of drying can be unsafe and have risk of contamination. 

Sorting, waxing, packaging and cooling unit

Funded by the U.S Department of Agriculture – USDA, a sorting, waxing, packaging and cooling unit was established in 2010 with a capacity of 2.5 tons per hour.

This unit is equipped with automatic machines which sort fruits and vegetables according to size and weight, as well as a cooling unit with a capacity of storing more than 100 tons of fruits and vegetables.

This center provides services that can help farmers market their products by ensuring a good quality end product through waxing, sorting and packaging different kinds of fruits. The center also includes a cooling area where products can be stocked in order to be exported to domestic and international markets.

In 2012, the packaging center was registered in IDAL Investment Development Authority of Lebanon – AGRI Plus Program. This program was put in place in 2011 to support exporters in the marketing of their agricultural products in regional and international markets.