ROSE Program

The Revival of the Old-city’s Society & Economy, known as the ROSE program – Tripoli, is a program designed to develop the socioeconomic infrastructure in the old city of Tripoli, in order to ensure its vitality and continuity, and thus merit the title of vibrant and lush city.

The ROSE program originated from the need to mend the urban social issues in the old city of Tripoli, which were detected following the socioeconomic assessment conducted by Safadi Foundation in 2015. The program’s goal is to secure an enabled and thriving community that protects historic and touristic resources, that promotes sustainable development, and that is constantly revitalizing its local economy. However, this can only be achieved through providing high quality and specialized public services that address the community’s needs, while enhancing the quality of each individual’s life.

Through the ROSE program, we strive to lead and model diversity, to leverage collective genius, and to lead the old city’s community towards pluralism and socioeconomic development. Inclusiveness and participation certainly are an integral part of our work. We respect diversity and are committed to equality, as we assist people from all backgrounds and creeds. We as well truly value and recognize the contributions of volunteers and other organizations, as we encourage collaboration over competition.


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