Project Details

Community mobilization and Economic Empowerment of vulnerable women - Social Development

  • ongoingStatus
  • 2016-05-25Start Date
  • 2018-08-25End Date

Safadi Foundation is implementing a one year project Community mobilization and Economic Empowerment of vulnerable women” a project lead by UN Women, funded by the Japanese Embassy in collaboration with MOSA.

The project aims to contribute in economic empowerment of vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian women and strengthen their capacities to claim their rights through increasing access to economic recovery opportunity, training and engagement in community life.

This project is involving around 740 women and young vulnerable women in the activities. Beneficiaries are identified according to vulnerability criteria; the intervention of the project will increase women and youth’s skills to enhance access to the labor market and will improve young women’s entrepreneurship, business and marketing skills.

Young women are involved in many activities:

- Personal Development sessions: introductory session aiming at introducing the importance of the socio economic empowerment, improving self confidence and leadership, in addition to communication skills, negotiation, time management…

- Vocational training sessions: with professional trainers including different techniques

  • Mobile repair
  • Sewing and Embroidery
  • Computer and English
  • Photography and video
  • Hair dressing and make up
  • Crochet and accessories…

These techniques were proposed by youth in focus group, it also responds to the market needs.