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House Of Citizen - Social Development

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  • 2013-01-07Start Date
  • 2015-07-01End Date
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The project promoted Active Citizenship practices for better development opportunities in El-Mina.

Its activities were:

- Establishing a “House of Citizen” and the Lead group

- Mainstreaming the concept of “House of citizen” all over El-Mina area

- Empowering local community to participate in improving its life conditions

As for the results:

- A common place of mutual exchange and information source is open now to citizens in the municipality of El-Mina.

- A lead group from active actors and the municipality of El-Mina are engaged in the activation of the House Of Citizen.

- The concepts related to citizenship are mainstreamed in the local community of El-Mina.

- Local Community in El-Mina has a better understanding of any issue affecting their everyday life and are empowered to be active in improving their life conditions.