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Don't Waste Your Waste - Social Development

  • completedStatus
  • 2015-01-01Start Date
  • 2015-05-30End Date
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This project contributed in reducing pollution in Old Tripoli through environmental education on waste management and recycling actions.

Its activities consisted of:

  • Enhancing EcoPolice’s (EP) network
  • Empowering EP youth
  • Raising Awarness activities
  • Strenhtening EP group with new members
  • Training action program
  • Ceremony in honor of EP

Results of the project:

1- Inhabitants of Old Tripoli are aware of dangers of water pollution by used oil cooking as well as of recycling options.

  • EcoPolice youth members have been empowered to implement awareness raising sessions.
  • 67 women and 52 managers of local restaurants have benefited from awareness raising sessions and have been empowered to filter used cooking oil, and save it for recycling or directly recycle it to produce soap.

2- Pollution by plastic packaging waste is reduced specifically those produced by kids.

  • 11 new children joined the Eco Police Group after induction sessions and have been specifically empowered on recycling issues.
  • Representatives (social advisers) of 12 local public schools have been trained on environmental issues and specifically on pollution by waste and related solutions; each school have been provided with 3 bins to collect plastic and paper waste from students.