Project Details

Sustainable Agricultural Irrigation Network in Qobbayet –SustAIN - Q - Rural development and sustainable agriculture

  • ongoingStatus
  • 2017-04-03Start Date
  • 2018-05-02End Date

Project description

"SustAIN – Q" project aims at contributing to the promotion of sustainable water-use and democratic water governance in the agricultural production sector of Lebanon. It will do so through its main targeted outcome: to increase access to natural water resources and establish a sustainable governance framework among key stakeholders in water irrigation.  

This project will allow the installation of the main water distribution network sourced at the hill then channeling to the individual lands. This project will also seek to transfer knowledge in water-saving irrigation techniques and technologies in order to enhance water-use efficiency. This can potentially lead farmers to adopt such practices in their agricultural production. Consequently, the implementation of the project will lead to combat soil erosion and reduce desertification. As well, the irrigation network will contribute to encouraging farmers to convert the abandoned lands into productive agricultural lands, thus increasing the income of these farmers and improving their socio-economic conditions.

The project will be implemented through two main phases:

  • The first phase will include the completion of a full technical study that will assess the main requirements for the irrigation network.
  • The second phase consists of land excavation and installation of the irrigation network, as well as, training sessions that will be offered to 12 local community members and farmers benefiting from the action, on the topic of sustainable water governance at the public/communal and farm levels.

The primary purpose of the first phase will be to enable the project team to strategically identify the direct beneficiaries and define their profiles. This activity will encompass numerous site visits and meetings with the partners in order to identify farmers, their lands, farm/crop water needs in terms of irrigation and how the project can respond to those needs. This assessment will serve as the baseline data, provide the topography, will set the design of the irrigation network, and will be the information upon which the project team will rely, in order to start implementation and measure the degree of impact of the installed system.  

As per the second phase, excavation of the land will be conducted and irrigation equipment will be procured and installed. In addition, 12 key stakeholders will be selected, representing farmers, the Municipality and the Cooperative in Qobayat. These 12 members will be trained in key water governance concepts, will be imparted the necessary tools to undertake key activities, and will constitute the water governance committee. This committee will be established to ensure the observance of water use, equitable distribution of water, and will be able to collect data on the irrigation network. The purpose of this activity is to foster attitudes that will be geared towards responsible use of water resources at the community and farm level.




Timeframe: April 3, 2017 – May 2, 2018


Project objectives

Overall Objective: To promote sustainable water use and democratic water governance in the agricultural production of Lebanon.

Specific Objective: To increase farmers’ access to water and establish a sustainable governance framework for the proper use and conservation of water in agricultural production.


Expected results

  • Access to clean water suitable for irrigation increased


  • Knowledge in water saving irrigation techniques and technologies transferred and water efficiency enhanced


  • Capacities in managing water resources improved


  • Abandoned areas converted into productive agricultural lands


Main stakeholders (beneficiaries, partners, local municipalities, international NGOs, donor…)


Donor: U.S. Agency for International Development USAID


Contracting Authority: Lebanon Water Project LWP



  • Municipality of Qobayat
  • Agriculture Cooperative in Qobayat

Target beneficiaries: 300 individuals including 60 farmers and members of the community


Brief overview of the activities


Activity 1: Irrigation water needs assessment and irrigation network design

Activity 2: Procurement and installation of irrigation main network

Activity 3: Training on water governance

Activity 4: Establishment of water governance committee

Activity 5: Monitoring and technical assistance on water use