Message from the Founder

Dear Friend:
Since its incorporation into an official nonprofit in 2001, Safadi Foundation has prided itself in fostering values that protect freedom of thought, promote good governance, respect social justice, and cultivate education. For nearly two-decades of service in some of the most impoverished and marginalized communities in Lebanon, we have sought to plant seeds that will enable local actors to play a participatory role in the country’s national development process.
I believe Lebanon’s spiritual diversity, cultural heritage and entrepreneurial past are strong indicators of what is possible when a country’s human and material resources are empowered to serve the individual and collective capacities of communities. Building upon this history, the Foundation hopes to support the emergence of Lebanon’s sustainable development in a way that allows it to fulfill its international legacy, while also developing the creative and innovative visions of its people at home.
After two-decades of development work, Safadi Foundation is changing tack by implementing new methods that will improve governance and boost the power of local communities. We believe these steps are necessary to improve the coordination and effectiveness of the generous donor assistance Lebanon has received over recent years and will have in the time to come. Strategies that seek to reduce corruption, improve economic livelihoods and promote inclusive growth have the potential to present real opportunities for economic assistance in Lebanon to transcend the unsustainable system that has traditionally paralyzed resources throughout the country.
I invite you to browse our website that offers information on our latest news and initiatives, which highlights our small part in accomplishing these goals. I also would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our communities and partners at the local, national and international levels that have helped make Safadi Foundation the trusted organization it is today.

Mohammad A. Safadi
Founder, Safadi Foundation