Press Release - Third AVTC Graduation

Press Release - Third AVTC Graduation

28 SEP 2018
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First 961 graduates in 13 professions from Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center

SAFADI: Together, we will stand up to keep the young persons in their countries

Representative of RDPP: We were really positively surprised by the achievement of Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center during record time

Graduates: We achieved exceptional independency, and we strengthened our confidence

Partners: The trainings are very professional


Safadi Foundation has celebrated the end and graduation of the third batch of trainees in Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center of economic integration project for young people of Tripoli and the region, which is supported by the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for the Middle East (RDPP). The celebration was attended by more than 1200 persons, notably the chief of SAFADI FOUNDATION the deputy and former Minister Mr. Mohamad SAFADI, vice chief of SAFADI FOUNDATION chief of “Tara w Kheit” association Mrs. Lara SAFADI, representative of RDPP Ms. Rebecca CARTER, chief of engineers in Tripoli and North Mr. Bassam ZIADEH, vice chief of Board of Directors of Rashid Karameh International Fair Mr. Radwan MOKADDAM, representative of APAVE Mr. Rachid MUBARAK, vice chief of Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon Mr. Abdel Rahman DARWICH, representative of restaurants’ domain Mrs. Salma Thamin RAAD, chief of Al

Mouttahed club Mr. Ahmad EL SAFADI, in addition to representatives on behalf of international organizations and institutions, trainees and their parents.

The celebration commenced by the Lebanese National Anthem, followed by a RAP song prepared by Bob ARJA for this event in specific, during which he described the conditions of the Tripoli young people, and the change they underwent after getting enrolled in Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center:

“I did not lose hope searching for myself

Trying to find an exit from this situation itself

The dark tunnel was long yet I found a light

Safadi Training Institute showed me the way that was right

It became my second home where I gained personal skills

I bravely set my goals to start climbing new hills”


Later, Nariman and Mohamad delivered the graduates’ speech, expressing their gratitude for Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center and all the supporter of the project, which gave them the opportunities to strengthen their hope in their future and confidence and remain faithful for their country and city.

During his speech, SAFADI welcomed the gracious attendees, saying that “this center is a dream coming true, which aims at supporting the future of Tripoli and North young people.” He added: “In this harsh condition in which Lebanon and the region are undergoing, and under the economic paralysis affecting the governmental institutions due to the delay in forming the government, which is leading to further absence of the government in supporting young people and ensuring job vacancies for them through developmental projects, we are committed to help these young people and say we are beside you.” He further added: “Waiting for putting Tripoli on the official and balanced development

map, we will keep saying: With solid will, there will be no defeat. With determination and purposefulness, there will be no failure. With youth courage, there will be no fear.” SAFADI has also talked about “MEHNA” application, an application on internet, directed by SAFADI FOUNDATION, which works as a mediator between the trainees and the parties requesting services, whether individuals, institutions or companies, provided that its details will be published later on in media. He concluded his speech by thanking “all supporters and partners who are caretakers directly or indirectly of Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center.” Then, he addressed the biggest thanks for the students who believed in this center and trusted it, aiming at having a promising future.”

“We aim at partnering with local institutions, such as the SAFADI FOUNDATION, which fully know the needs of the community,” said Ms. Rebecca CARTER, the representative of the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for the Middle East (RDPP), which has financed the training of the graduates. She emphasized that RDPP had been happy to partner with SAFADI FOUNDATION and added: “When we first visited Safadi Accelerated Vocational Training Center, it was still under construction, and we were concerned about whether the project would be able to achieve its ambitious goals. However, we were really surprised by what happened, how it was done during record time and how the exercises went effectively.” “This project aims at improving the skills of young Lebanese and Syrian people in various sectors through intensive training provided by the Institute and facilitating the entry of young people to labor markets through direct communication and direct relationships with employers”, said Ms. CARTER. She also stressed the importance of this project and thanked “the employers who provided opportunities for young people” and the Foundation's staff for their efforts, and concluded by congratulating the graduates.

“The impact of the project on the concept of partnership in developmental projects” was discussed in a brief discussion session during which the parties who participated in a direct or indirect partnership attended. The session was directed

by the chief of media and communication department at SAFADI Media Foundation Mrs. Amal Elias SULEIMAN, who considered that the Accelerated Vocational Training Center and its affiliated programs have achieved qualitative leap in the way of work and cooperation between the center on one hand and other sectors on the other hand.

The chief of engineers in Tripoli and North Mr. Bassam ZIADEH said that the importance of carrying a signed certificate by the student will permit him to have wide and important job opportunities.

The vice chief of Board of Directors of Rashid Karameh International Fair Mr. Radwan MOKADDAM said that the impact of the project was clearly and positively reflected on the improvement of some aspects of the fair amid a clear absence of the government from this facility.

The representative of APAVE Mr. Rachid MUBARAK said that the additional tests conducted by the trainees in order to ensure the quality of their work showed a high level of professionalism during the exercises.

The vice chief of Union of Relief and Development Associations, which cooperated with the vocational training center by virtue of a partnership agreement which led to training a number of displaced persons who worked on improving the environment in which they live, has praised the project also. He said that it had positive results that preserved the dignity of the displaced persons and made him feel that he is not a burden on the host society.

Mrs. Salma Thamin RAAD, who spoke about the cooperation between the Center and the private sector, considered that graduating trainees in both fields of chef assistants and waiters will open the work opportunities for them in private sector, and this will create a kind of development in social responsibility of the private sector.

At the end, certificates were distributed to 400 graduates in a festive and crowded atmosphere

The European Regional Development and Protection Programme for the Middle East (RDPP), a multi-donor initiative supported by the European Union, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.