Al Marsat Community Center

Al Marsat Community Center

Al Marsat Community Center, affiliated to Safadi Foundation, was established in the Old City of Tripoli, with the aim of building the capacities of young people from marginalized groups in deprived areas, enhancing their participation and enabling them to play a more effective role in improving their livelihoods.

Activities and services at the center include:

1. Taking care of the youth and raising their cultural level by providing life skills training, that would empower them.

2. Protecting the youth from delinquency and drug abuse by spreading the culture of prevention.

3. Supporting youth and working on their proper integration into society.

4. Working on spreading the culture of peace, love, positive interaction and among the youth, by creating youth groups that are active in the neighborhoods, organizing life skills training, and teaching them how to create small projects to keep up with the social development process.